Our Covid-19 Antibody Onsite Rapid Test Kits

Our Kits

Each kit comes with 30 easy to use individual tests that need a small blood sample in order to test the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 anitbodies.

Each kit contains:

 -- 30 individually packed cassette devices

 -- 30 Capillary tubes

 -- 1 detection buffer (3 mL/bottle)

 -- 1 Instructions for use by a medical professional

Each set of 30 is priced at £900, including VAT with free delivery.

Testing Accuracy

Through clinical trials the tests performed at an accuracy of 96.9% sensitivity and 99.4% specificity. What this means is that there is 96.9% accuracy in the test to detect that an individual has had the virus and a 99.4% accuracy in that an individual is identified to not have not had the virus.


How It Works?

The test detects the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies in the blood stream or plasma through a blood sample.

The tests must be completed at least 21 days after an individual started to show symptoms or believed to have Covid-19.

A simple finger-prick, administered by your Occupational Nursing team or medical professional, will provide two drops of blood into the sampling well of the testing kit. This is followed by three small drops of the buffer fluid into the same well. A "C" line is used checked as the control to ensure the test is working correctly. 

The mixture of fluid will then seep up the centre of the cassette to provide the results of the test within 10 to 15 minutes.

There are two separate test lines for IgG and IgM - only one line needs to be visible for a positive result for the detection of antibodies. If antibody biomarkers are not found in the blood, there will be no visible line.


Why the Onsite Rapid Test?


The test has an accuracy of 96.9% in sensitivity and 99.4% in specificity


Get results within 10 to 15 minutes of conducting the test


Get results onsite without the need for laboratory testing


Gain insightful data for your Covid-19 response at £45 per test


Anitbody testing data can be invaluable for risk assessment, allowing data to drive business decisions


Naturally your workforce will be more comfortable returning to work, if their employer is supporting workplace testing


Testing will assist you in developing measures to control the viral transmission


The tests are CE Certified in Europe, ISO registered and allowed by the MHRA to placed on the UK market for professional use